About Us

Community Concerns Uganda Initiative (CCUg) was established as a registered Community-Based Organization in 2012.  Today, it operates as a legally registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) primarily working in the Jinja and Mayuge districts of southeastern Uganda.


Since its inception, CCUg has sought to employ education in an effort to reduce poverty among individuals and families in the rural and peri-urban communities we serve. Recognizing gender inequality as a major stumbling block to accessing education, we have consistently sought to channel a significant portion of our resources into programs that address the needs of women and girls. Currently, these groups comprise almost 90% of our project beneficiaries.

As our mission suggests, we believe education positively impacts the physical, social, psychological and economic development of individuals and acts as a deterrent to generational poverty. Our projects benefit poor and vulnerable children and youth through direct educational sponsorship and holistic projects that empower families, and especially  women, to generate the household income they need to keep their children in school.


Our methodology begins by conducting high-quality, relevant research projects in the local communities we serve.  The results of these studies inform the development of specific programs to address the needs revealed by the studies.  The projects we design are delivered through sustainable, community-based interaction in one-on-one and group settings, and typically include a mix of classroom-style instruction, skills training and the delivery of material resources as needed to assist beneficiaries in establishing  self-sustaining income-generating activities.

CCUg has offices in Wairaka, Jinja district and conducts ongoing programs in small communities throughout the greater Jinja area.

Our Vision

An educated, healthy and productive community free from poverty.

Our Mission

Increase access to education and skill acquisition as tools to reduce poverty among
women, children and youth.

Our Objectives

1. Promote literacy as an effective tool to enhance productivity and reduce poverty among                women, youth and children.

2.  Increase access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)


3. Improve livelihoods of families through education and skills training


4. Work in partnership with relevant government programs, especially those related to health,          education and enhancing community development.


5. Influence policy makers to be more responsive to the needs of women, youth and children in        the organization’s areas of operation.

Our Values

Love ~ Concern for one another ~ Serving ~ Sharing ~ Respect ~ Hope ~ Transparency


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