OVC Sponsorship Program

CCUg currently sponsors 33 Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC), allowing them to continue with school. These are children coming from very poor families, most of whom have lost one or both parents.  Some are HIV positive or have an HIV positive parent . We hope that once these children complete school, they will be in a better position to help their families and make a positive contribution to their communities. Fourteen of these children are in secondary schools and 20 are in primary schools.

We are seeking donations to continue and expand our sponsorship program. If you have questions, feel free to contact us, or follow the link below to our giving platform.


Family Food Security Sponsorship Program

 We are working to provide long-term access to nutritional food for OVC and their caregivers by providing farm land, seed and agricultural training in surplus food production.


Specifically, CCUg proposes to rent 35 acres of land for one year. During the year, 70 OVC families will be provided with half an acre each to farm, enabling them to grow crops on their rented subplots to feed their children and other household members, and to generate enough surplus to sell as a means of supplementing household income.


OVC House-Building Project

We all know that a safe and stable home life is an essential to a child’s educational success. Sometimes, however, through sheer determination and a gifted intellect, a child manages to rise above circumstances that might hold others back. Emmanuel is such a boy.

Age 15,from Wabulungu village, Mayuge District, Emmanuel is enrolled in the CCUg Scholarship Project. He studies at Mwiri College, a local secondary school, and is 9 years from receiving his degree. He is very bright and consistently performs well – particularly in Mathematics. His teachers say he is a disciplined and dedicated student who actively participates in all class activities.
His academic results are all the more impressive because Emmanuel’s home situation is dire. His father died when he was still young and his mother has problems with her mental health, so he lives with his grandmother. The home they share is unsafe and near the point of collapse. Both he and grandmother sleep on papyrus mats; there is no furniture in the home.

To support Emmanuel’s efforts on his own behalf – and to supplement the scholarship he currently receives – CCUg is launching a fundraiser to build a new two-bedroom house for him and his grandmother. No contribution is too small to help, and 100% of all donations will go directly to improving the safety and well being of this young man and his grandmother who desperately need this assistance. Any gifts – whether cash or household items – will be much appreciated.